Why I hate Jeremy Corbyn- My Confession

v218-Jeremy-Corbyn-Get-v2I have to confess. I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. Not as a bloke. Not as a human being. But as the leader of the opposition.

This revelation could break my life apart.

I have close family and friends who love him – “He is a saviour of British politics”. I feel like I should love him. He is principled, different and speaks his mind. But it isn’t enough.

I can’t do this anymore. I have to get it out. At the risk of alienating my family, friends and twitter following: here are six reasons I hate the cult of Jeremy Corbyn*

  1. Blairites are ‘traitors’.

People love to talk about the evil Labour MP’s who are defying the will of their dear leader with ‘a huge mandate from the members’.

Well yes. Corbyn does have a huge mandate from MEMBERS. The Labour MP’s who are currently sitting have a mandate from the electorate. They were elected on a far more centrist platform than Corbyn’s Labour are spouting.

They are not ‘traitors’ for not immediately changing their point of view because they have a new leader, and it certainly does not make them unprincipled.

2. The media is against me!

A Labour leader is always going to be up against it. The UK has a right leaning press. The way to get round this is to do what, god forbid, Tony Blair did (you may remember the man who won Labour 3 elections).

When not engaging in illegal wars Blair charmed, cajoled and threatened the press to bring them on his side.

It is not an abandonment of principles, it is called politics. Be a politician. You can’t get everything you want. You have to compromise to make progress. Stop making a new politics. Just get better at the old one!

3. Leave NATO

Dearest Jeremy would like to leave NATO. He acknowledges that there is no appetite in the UK for that to happen but if he got his way, he would.

In my humble opinion this is dereliction of duty. The first role of the government should be to provide safety to its citizens. However there are a lot of leading thinkers who think actually NATO causes more problems than it solves. Things like offering membership to former soviet countries etc.

I can see that. However my issue with the idea of leaving NATO is that it is a betrayal to the countries that actually depend on it for their security. Estonia, for instance, relies upon NATO heavily for its security. To just leave the alliance would be unfair on the smaller countries that signed up in good faith to joining.

4. The left does not have a monopoly on compassion.

There is a tendency with the far left to put forward the view that only they have ability to show compassion. They then argue from the point of view of moral superiority. Only they have the ability to empathise, to put themselves in the shoes of the hard up.

This is usually followed by the whole ‘the reason you don’t agree with me is because you haven’t understood what I am saying argument’,

Apart from being condescending and annoying beyond belief it is a line of reasoning that reduces arguments to a series of anecdotes about who has the bigger heart. It prevents logical analysis of facts and ultimately hurts the worse off because the wrong decisions get made.

I am not simply blaming Corbyn for this, but as the leader of the ‘If you only had a heart brigade’ he gets my wrath.

5. He can’t win an election.

I like living in a country where we have democracy. We have the ability to remove the government and bring in a different one. We have a two party system. I know there are more parties but there is no chance of a government forming without either Labour or the Tories being part of it.

Labour under Corbyn is not electable. That means the government won’t change and that means that the current government can do whatever it wants because the opposition is not credible.

There are many many things that the Conservatives need to be held accountable for. Having a Labour led Corbyn makes it harder for that to happen.

6. He wants to print money and give it to people.

Just fetch my history book and look up hyperinflation. Actually just get a dictionary and look up idiotic.

The reason why QE hasn’t already led to hyperinflation is because it remains in the banking sector. The debt is still technically held by the treasury and the Bank of England can withdraw the money it so that it doesn’t create inflationary pressure.

Print money and give it to people… really?

*I dont just mean Jeremy Cobyn the man. I mean Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

Steaming piles of BS spouted during the migrant crisis


Having just returned from a well meaning but overly self congratulatory “refugees welcome” march it seems necessary to spend a few minutes correcting, tweaking and obliterating some of the “facts” confidently spouted by commentators, politicians and members of the public.

The sheer volume of vacuous crap on display in recent months has been quite impressive. Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not just going after those favouring a closed door policy. ‘Cuddle a Syrian campaigners’ are just as guilty of dropping steaming turds of inaccuracies as the ‘we have no room’ UKIP berks.

Leaning right doesn’t mean you hate refugees. 

I was struck on this march how vociferously anti-right the tone was. I am not talking about the far right, I am talking about how anyone straying right of centre was essentially accused of wanting to sink every refugee vessel in the Med.

More people voted for the Tory party in the last election than any other party. Bad for the poor, good material for political bloggers. To suggest that the 11+million people who voted Conservative are indifferent to the suffering of children washing up on the shores of Greece is just wrong.

By all means rail against David Cameron only deciding to take more refugees when the focus groups told him that he should. Do not however, accuse anyone who voted blue of not caring about the suffering of others.

The left do not have a monopoly on compassion.

It is mainly the Wests fault.

Here is the real cherry on top of the steaming cow pat.

Usually said knowingly by someone who thinks they are well informed but who has actually missed a great opportunity to keep quite.

“Well none of this would have happened if we hadn’t invaded Iraq” they say while trying to exude a brooding intensity which belies their utter twatishness.

Yes, the US/UK led invasion of Iraq destabilised the region. Attempts to impose a western style democracy led to the fracturing of a state which has very deep ethnic and religious divisions. These conditions made it far easier for ISIS to take root.

However this argument can be made indefinitely going back to the dawn of time. Why not blame Saint Ambrose? The Bishop of Milan who 1500 years ago did more than anyone to establish religions primacy to state and promote the persecution of different faiths.

There comes a point when the person to blame for a horrific action is the person committing the action. The groups who behead aid workers, use rape as an instrument of conquest and desecrate historical sites are, lets face it, the ones mainly to blame.

Do not justify their horrific acts.

Stop saying economic migrant

Really stop and think about the phrase economic migrant. It is essentially someone who is moving to another country to improve their economic prospects. Most refugees come from Syria, Eritrea and Nigeria. This definition could easily apply to those people. They all want to improve their economic prospects.

However this really doesn’t tell the whole story.

Take Nigeria. As a Nigerian you will live with the very real fear that Boko Haram are going to arrive in your village, abduct and rape your daughters, killing anyone who resists. Obviously jobs are somewhat hard to come by in such a place. However is it really fair to label the family leaving to escape this hardship and economic migrant?

Lets look at Syrian ‘economic migrants’. Your whole family has either been gassed by your government, beheaded by insurgents or lay in the rubble that was your house. You have two children left and your town is a literal bomb site. You have no way of supporting your family and keeping them safe so you leave. Yes, to get a job abroad. But it is a highly inaccurate description of there plight to describe them as ‘economic migrants’.

Eritrea is insane. The government has systematised forced labour so as soon as a person reaches adulthood they have indefinite community service. If you stop, you go to prison. The government has also shown its proficiency in systematising crimes against humanity by using rape and mass murder as a weapon (see a great article here).  If you leave Eritrea you will be able to get a proper wage for the first time. But can we define leaving virtual slavery economic migration?

These people are refugees.

We do enough

Shut up. You know who does enough? Lebanon. We are are offering to take twenty thousand refugees (over 5 years). That is 0.03% of our 60 million population.

Lebanon was at one point receiving 20,000 every two days! They have a population of 4 million and over 1 million refugees. That is a quarter. They are doing their bit.

10 issues in world politics you should really be aware of and why they matter

1. The empowerment of women is the single greatest step forward humanity can make.

What it is

Every study and every example from history has shown that empowering women by giving them the right to vote, the right to work and control over procreation is the only cure for poverty.

Why it matters

Apart from the whole thing of not being a dickhead there is an overwhelming argument for empowering women.

Firstly it literally doubles a countries workforce and productivity while in no way increasing the amount of state support it consumes. Put bluntly, if all the women in a country are not working they still require housing, feeding and healthcare. If they are in work they are producing and adding to the wealth to the country. This doesn’t even take into account that all evidence suggests that adding women to a workplace creates a far more complete skill set than male only environments. Thus making the country even more productive.

Secondly it is a far better way to control populations. Lets face it, when given control over their own bodies most women do not choose to have 5+ children. It is not a coincidence that countries with most equality, education and accessible contraception have lower birth rates. Overcrowding is one of the biggest threats facing humanity. Empowering women solves this problem.

2. China needs North Korea


What it is

The Korean peninsula (pictured here) is absolutely key to China’s security. Kim Jong Unstable is completely dependent upon China to survive and therefore China knows its border is secure. If South Korea was to take over its northern neighbour, China would have one of the USA’s closest allies directly bordering it. To put this in context this is the equivalent of Iran controlling Wales.

Why it matters

It is in China’s interest to keep North Korea isolated, anti-American & unpredictable. It cannot afford to have a US ally touching its border. This means that it is in China’s interest to hinder negotiations between N. Korea and the US. Plus China is in the UN security council so can veto any action against North Korea.

3.Russia had to take Crimea


What it is

If Russia had not annexed Crimea its security would have been seriously compromised. Crimea is the base of its Black Sea fleet. It had rented the base from Ukraine but as Ukraine turned more towards Europe and NATO Russia feared it would lose its base.

Why it matters

It matters because as much as it hurts me to say I would have done the same thing in Russia’s position. If Russia doesn’t have a base in the Black Sea it is very easy to attack. If it had waited for Ukraine to join NATO it would have had no chance of keeping its base. Basic survival dictated its actions. It is important to understand that Russia is not just been randomly aggressive. There is a point to its actions.

4. Water will become the new oil.

What it is

The world is getting warmer. This means there will be less available drinking water.

Why it matters

If we have no oil our cars stop working. If we have no water we immediately die. As drinkable water gets more scarce controlling it will matter more and more. Not just so we can drink, but so we can water our crops and animals. One of the key stumbling blocks to Palestine having its own state is that it would control too much of Israel’s water. Make no mistake. The wars of the future will be over water.

5. Antibiotics not Al Qaeda will be the one that gets you.

What it is

Bacteria is developing resistance to our antibiotics quicker than we can make new ones.

Why it matters

If our antibiotics don’t work we cannot fight infection. Every cut and scratch could prove fatal. Please finish your courses of antibiotics people!!!

6.Democracies do not go to war with each other.

What it is

Never in the history of the world have democracies gone to war with each other. It simply does not happen.

Why it matters

Your average person on the street doesn’t want to go to war. If your average person on the street has a say in government the governments will not want war. If every country in the world is democratic, there will be no war.

7. The break up of the Soviet Union did not make us more secure.

What it is

In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. This signalled the break up of the great enemy of the west, The Soviet Union. This did not make us more secure.

Why it matters

I could write for hours about this but simply put the break down of the SU did not help our international security for the following reasons:

  • A huge amount of weapons flooded the black market.
  • Our enemies went underground.
  • Lots of small threats are harder to handle than one equal opponent.
  • No one could militarily challenge the USA so had to resort to acts of terrorism.
  • It made Russia feel the need to reassert itself.
  • It left lots of highly trained, angry young men out of work.

8. Isis’s proximity to Europe.

What it is

Islamic state has started to gain a base of support in North Africa especially in Libya. Praying on desperate people who are attempting to cross the Mediterranean they are developing a network of support across two continents.

Why it matters

It matters because the distance from Libya’s capital Tripoli to the European Union is just 220 miles. That is less than the distance from Liverpool to London. It is easy to think that ISIS and the threat they pose is another world but it is not. We must not allow this group to spill across the porous borders of the Middle East and Africa

9. Pakistan have nuclear weapons

What it is

Pakistan is one of the 8 countries known to have nuclear weapons alongside France, UK, USA, China, Russia, North Korea & India (no one is sure about Israel).

Why it matters

Much time and debate is given to the risks of having nuclear weapons on UK soil. “What if ‘terrorists’ steal them” people cry. This is an irrelevant argument. If anyone wanted to acquire nuclear weapons they would be far better placed to take them from the unstable corrupt governments of North Korea or Pakistan than a loch in Scotland. Nuclear security is an international issue, not a domestic one.

10. Lots of countries have Russian minorities.

What it is

Many countries in Eastern Europe have large Russian minority populations. The baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have some cities which are up to 80% ethnic Russian.

Why it matters

Putin justifies supporting the uprisings of separatists in Eastern Ukraine by the fact they are ethnic Russians and deserve to be free under the gentle stewardship of the motherland (to paraphrase). If this argument is accepted he has the right to interfere in many, many other sovereign states. A precedent must not be set.

If British politics was Game of Thrones.

Come one, come all, while I tell you the tale of British politics. If you have trouble getting your head around the political system in which you live but can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, here is your comprehensive guide to the history of GBW (Great British Westeross).

The Mad King = Thatcherism


In the beginning, the Tagaryens (Thatcher) ruled well. They were swept to power and united the nation, bringing all of the kingdoms under one banner. They defeated all their enemies (Trade Unions, Argentina, Miners and the Soviet Union). However over time they gradually lost their minds to ideology and infighting.

Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark = Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


Out of the north stormed two champions of liberty. Determined to throw off the shackles of Thatcherism and bring in a golden age of liberty, free market socialism and sparkling oratory. Using the network of contacts and spies provided by the eunuch Varys (Campbell) they overthrew the Mad King. However once in power Blair gave himself over to leisurely pursuits like hunting, Catholicism and invading sovereign states without a mandate. When he eventually left power to his Hand of the King, Ned Stark (Gordon Brown), took over despite them having argued much in the later years. He was quickly toppled under the weight of his own stubborn pride and lack of political savvy.

Cersi and Little Finger = David Cameron and George Osbourne


After toppling the noble but highly incompetent Ned Stark, the ambitious Cersi (Cameron) set about on her vanity project of completely ignoring the plight of the poor and improving the lives of the powerful that had brought her to office. With the assistance of her slimy Master of Coin/ Chancellor of the Exchequer Little finger (George Osbourne) she went about building up a base of power and increasing the wealth of the wealthy. She would converse with undesirable characters like Qyburn (Andy Coulson) and be a generally crap human.

Rob Stark & Jon Snow = Ed Milliband and David Milliband.


After the toppling of their ideological farther, Rob (Ed) and Jon (David) sought revenge. Both could have led the North to avenge the dishonour of their family/ political party. However while charismatic David should have led the party to glory, the family (Trade Unions) went for his more incompetent brother. Rob/Ed was then defeated at the Red Wedding/ May 2015 election while Jon had to go into political obscurity on the Wall (CEO of the IRC).

Other comparisons include:

Dothraki= Islamic State.


An eastern hoard with no thought to humanity or womens rights threaten to overwhelm The West as soon as they work out how to cross the sea.

Bran= Nick Clegg.


Like Bran, Clegg had such promise in his early days. However an accident (joining with the Torys) caused him to lose all ability to move (engage with voters). He continued to search for the three eyed raven (electoral reform) but got increasing boring as his story dragged.

White Walkers= Global warming


Ultimately everything that happens in the show is completely irrelevant because in time the White Walkers (global warming) will kill us all. Only if all join together to fight it do we have a chance. Not going to happen.

The Wildlings = SNP

imagesAlex Salmond

The wild and fiercely independent people beyond the Wall (Hadrians) continue to assert their right to autonomy from the Kings Landing/ Westminster elite. Under their leader Mance Rader (Alex Salmond) they continue to be a thorn in the side of civilised folk.

Katie Hopkins = Hodor.


Vacancy: PR officer at ISIS


Salary- 4.2 million Iraqi Dinar/ year + infinite virgins for eternity.

Based- ISIS Headquarters. Islamic Caliphate. The Middle East.

Hours- 65 hours per week.

Role Description

Your line manager will be our leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In the last year our organisation has built up a great reputation for no nonsense dealings and a brutal disregard for human life. We want to build on this to establish ourselves as truly some of the most appalling zealots on earth. Your role will be to cultivate this reputation using a variety of different media. The great  thing about this role is lot of the work is already done for you. Thanks to the outstanding work done by Messers Bush and Blair the states we intend to annexe are in such turmoil that it makes our brand of violent repression seem like an improvement.


This is a varied and challenging role with duties including:

  • Quality video production to truly convey to audiences the efficiency to which we behead and burn evil aid workers.
  • Twist moderate Islam so it is virtually unrecognisable.
  • Portray a life of cave dwelling, rape and ethnic cleansing as a desirable career path to previously moderately leaning young, western muslims.
  • Tap into disenfranchisement in European Islamic community and push the myth that the only way to get what you want in a democracy is to fly to the middle east and kill people.
  • Due to the hands-on nature of the work the situation may necessitate occasionally pitching in on the daily grind of fully repressing the people already under our noble and righteous regime.

The ideal candidate

The outstanding applicant will have the following qualities:

  • Excellent IT skills.
  • Ability to stand with your face hidden by a tatty scarf behind a terrified, cowering person.
  • Great time management skills.
  • Full driving licence as well as proficiency in driving dusty Landrovers whilst firing an AK47 randomly into the air.
  • Able to distinguish which branches of Islam are true and which are blasphemy which must be extinguished without mercy.

Equal opportunities.

The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant is a committed to equal opportunities. Women are welcome to apply however if you are qualified for the role we shall likely stone you to death for receiving an education well beyond what your gender is allowed.

Please send any applications to recruitment@Imail.com

6 reasons to legalise all drugs


It is nearly 44 years since The Misuse of Drugs Act was introduced which brought in the A, B & C classifications we know and love today. We have for many years been involved in a “war on drugs”. This Team America style language epitomises the problems which come from making a criminal issue out of a social issue. Below are 6 reasons why we should legalise all drugs from the smallest puff to a weekend long dragon chase.

(On an interesting side note almost all of these arguments for legalising drugs are identical for arguments for legalising prostitution but that is for another article.)

  1. Takes an enormous revenue stream away from organised crime

If all the godfathers, warlords and Tony Montanas of this world could have one wish it would be that we do not legalise drugs. Production, trafficking and sales of drugs is the single biggest revenue stream for all organised crime.

In 2003 a UN report stated that the global illegal drugs market is $321.6 billion per year! To put that in context that was 1% of global GDP. Obviously it is hard to establish accurate figures for something that is by definition unregulated and illegal but you get my point that we are talking about serious wonga.

If we were to legalise all drugs organised crime would be financially crippled. Don Corleone is faced with a very stark choice. Go legit or lose your biggest source of income. The reason that drugs are relatively expensive compared to how much they cost to produce is due to the fact they are not exposed to market forces. Doing something illegally adds a premium price to a product and illegally produced narcotics would be far less economically viable than legal regulated ones. Take Columbian cocaine for example. Directly shipping the cocaine from its producers in South America to its consumers in the US and Europe will be far, far cheaper than having to smuggle cocaine into Central America then across the Mexican border all the while dodging US coast guard patrols, fighting rival gangs and sneaking past check points. To make any profit at all the Don will have to charge a much higher price than his legal and licensed counterparts so will be forced out of business. Or he can go on the strait and narrow in which case he is no longer an “Organised Criminal” and is just a tax paying entrepreneur.

I know you are going to immediately say that “alcohol and tobacco are both legal and criminals can undercut the price of them and create a black market”. Well, fictional person I like to argue with, allow me to point out that the reason that legal booze and fags can be undercut is because governments levy huge taxes upon them pushing up the market price. In the case of weed, heroin etc they will have no reason to do this as the government will have just saved a huge amount of money not having to police drug trafficking at such insane costs.

In the developed world organised crime has a hugely negative effect upon our society. However this pales into insignificance next to the effect it has upon the developing world. Southern, Central American and the Mexican governments are massively affected by the influence of drug cartels. In Afghanistan, the Taliban are funded in are large part by poppies used for creating opium. Let’s do the very thing that these cruel and violent people want least; legalise their product.

2. We will know everyone that is taking drugs

I am not suggesting that we should have the local Co-op selling crack or crystal meth. What I am suggesting is that within pharmacies you can, after disclosing your name, address and GP, acquire drugs. This means that the government is then aware of every drug user, the amount they take, whether there are children at risk and if they need help. This is data that government officials would currently give their bureaucratic balls for. What you can measure you can manage. One of the biggest problems that drugs cause within society is the influence it has on the users, and especially the children of users. Now these people will be known, risk assessed and offered help.

3. It is far less risky to take drugs that are regulated

So many drug related deaths are because the things people are smoking, swallowing, snorting or injecting are not what they say on the tin (or sandwich bag). With the legalisation of drugs this issue is immediately resolved.

Just to be clear, not just anyone can manufacture drugs legally. You must have a license and be subject to hygiene and quality standards. This means that gone are the days of people snorting brick dust or rat poison. Of course it would be naive to suggest that sometimes some product would not be below par and be unsafe. But this is true of all industries (think horse meat scandal). However, with drugs legalised, users who have been shortchanged or put at risk are able to pursue the substandard manufacturers in court with all the consumer protection that buying legally provides.

4. De criminalises the vulnerable 

There is no benefit to the current system that gives low level drug users a criminal record. Under this system someone who takes an illegal drug gets a criminal record. This then sits on their record making it harder for them to gain employment and build a better life. Not being able to get legitimate work can start a cycle of unemployment which can then lead to drug dealing or mixing in undesirable social circles which just accentuates the original issue.

5. Finally ends hypocrisy

It is frankly ridiculous that alcohol and tobacco are completely legal and other drugs which are equally if not less harmful are punishable by a prison term. Many, many more families have been torn apart by alcohol abuse than all the other drugs combined. Despite this alcohol is completely legal. On top of that large amounts of money is spent on advertising and worldwide sports events are sponsored.

The law should be based upon logic, prudence and fairness. It should protect citizens whilst minimising the impact upon individual freedoms. The clear discrepancy in the current drug laws insults our intelligence as citizens, undermines our legal framework and makes my OCD tingle.

6. Prohibition simply doesn’t work

Drugs have been illegal for many years. The West (particularly the USA) have invested trillions in “fighting” drugs. We are no closer to “defeating” drugs than we were when we started. The fact that the global industry is over $300 billion dollars a year, the fact that everyone has or knows someone who has taken drugs is evidence of the ineffectual way we have been confronting the problem. As Einstein says the “definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. What would make something even more insane would be to spend billions a year of taxpayers money on doing the same thing over and over.

To finish (comedown)

So many of the UK’s and the world’s problems come from drugs. It is time to look at the problem in a totally different way. Let’s stop spending money “fighting drugs” and imprisoning users. Let’s take all that money and pour it into education and treatment. Then let’s sit back and live in a better world.

5 widely held misconceptions in British politics

Misconceptions in politics are very dangerous. They allow politicians to push their own agenda based on misinformation, fallacies and complete lies. More importantly they are really fucking annoying. Forget about gradual eroding of our liberties or basing policy decisions on false premises. The sheer annoyance and rage these misconceptions evoke in any remotely informed political observer are a threat to national security and blood pressure.

Let us end ignorant scourge of British political discussion and stop in its tracks the rapidly popping capillaries in my face.

  1. More Bobbies on the beat will reduce crime

The go to move of any wannabe councillor or unimaginative, populist manifesto writer.

Of course! The reason crime is taking place is because there aren’t enough police officers randomly walking around.  I know during my 2 mile  walk to sit pretentiously in Starbucks I see uncountable amounts of drug deals, people trafficking, murders, fly tippers, terrorist attacks and sexual assaults. All happening in plain view with only the lack of “Bobbies” allowing it to happen.

I know I would sleep safer in my bed knowing that the Police were not doing mundane tasks like looking through evidence, chasing up leads and targeting organised crime. I would much rather they were patrolling up and down like an inept guard in a James Bond film.

Many fans of the Police on the beat policy point to the fact that during the nineties burglary and car crime fell as visible policing rose. However all the evidence suggests that this is more down to  improved car security systems and plummeting value of second-hand TV and DVD players.

Of course visible policing has its place in terms of community reassurance and anti-social behaviour curbing. However don’t let any politician tell you that it will reduce crime for effectively than improving the penal system, community outreach programs or bringing people out of poverty.

  1. Nigel Farage represents an anti-establishment alternative

The “establishment” is public school, panders to banks and the stock market, gives leg ups and jobs to their own friends and families, takes thousands in expenses then tries to cover it up & is London centric.

Dearest Nigel went to public school Dulwich College (nothing wrong with that but hardly different from most of Westminster elite). He worked as a commodities broker for two decades. He employs his wife as a secretary at the public’s expense. He claims thousands of pounds of expenses a year as an MEP, again nothing wrong with that but no different from the “Brussels elite” he so despises. He also lives in London.

Don’t let anyone tell you he is an “average bloke”. He is a prat (for evidence of this please see any interview with Mr Farage at any point in history).

  1. The European Court of Human Rights is part of the EU

“if we left the EU we could finally deport all those terrorist like Abu Quatada”. How often have you heard that? It is bollocks.

The European court of Human rights is part of the Council of Europe. It is totally separate to the EU and Brussels. Leaving the EU would not affect this at all. Don’t let the Daily Express tell you otherwise. They see the word “Europe” and they explode.

  1. We have huge national debt because of benefit fraud

In 2010 welfare represented only 15% of the UK budget (£154bn). Benefit fraud was estimated at £3.4bn – 2.2% of total benefit expenditure. This is a drop in the ocean.

Compare that to figure below about how much has been lost through tax:

£70 billion of tax evasion,

£25 billion tax avoidance

£25 billion of unpaid tax


Blaming the poor for the ills of the country’s finances in very fashionable. But like the onesie, this must end.


  1. It was right to reject Alternative Vote (AV) because it wasn’t democratic enough.

Many people decided to vote against AV because it wasn’t as democratic as proportional representation. This is dumb. Thin end of the wedge people!! That is the equivalent of not voting to make homosexuality legal because the bill didn’t include gay marriage.

Don’t be or let people be dumb.images (3)