If real people were taxed the same as the rich….

Setting- A supermarket

Security Guard: “Excuse me sir can I have a look in your bag? I suspect you of stealing grapes.”

Average Joe: “How dare you! I deplore stealing. It is immoral and wrong. I am on the record saying how bad it is.”

Security Guard: “Sir, I will ask you one more time. Have you been stealing grapes?”

Average Joe: “No.”

Security Guard: “We have irrefutable evidence that you have stolen grapes.”

Average Joe: “Ok I stole grapes. What happens now?”

Security Guard: “Well I am going to negotiate with you how much of these grapes you are going to give back. Then you can walk free.”

Average Joe: “If you make me pay anything back I will leave this supermarket forever and move to a different one. You don’t want that do you?”

Security Guard: “Fine. Just give us 3 of the grapes back as a nice gesture. That way all the other customers won’t mind that we make them pay full price for all their grapes.”

Average Joe: “Fine here are two grapes, and be grateful.”

Security Guard: “Thank you!”

Average Joe exits stage left

Security Guard (to the rest of shoppers): “Today we have achieved a great victory. We are on the side of hard working shoppers and are all in this together!”

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