Why I hate Jeremy Corbyn- My Confession

v218-Jeremy-Corbyn-Get-v2I have to confess. I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. Not as a bloke. Not as a human being. But as the leader of the opposition.

This revelation could break my life apart.

I have close family and friends who love him – “He is a saviour of British politics”. I feel like I should love him. He is principled, different and speaks his mind. But it isn’t enough.

I can’t do this anymore. I have to get it out. At the risk of alienating my family, friends and twitter following: here are six reasons I hate the cult of Jeremy Corbyn*

  1. Blairites are ‘traitors’.

People love to talk about the evil Labour MP’s who are defying the will of their dear leader with ‘a huge mandate from the members’.

Well yes. Corbyn does have a huge mandate from MEMBERS. The Labour MP’s who are currently sitting have a mandate from the electorate. They were elected on a far more centrist platform than Corbyn’s Labour are spouting.

They are not ‘traitors’ for not immediately changing their point of view because they have a new leader, and it certainly does not make them unprincipled.

2. The media is against me!

A Labour leader is always going to be up against it. The UK has a right leaning press. The way to get round this is to do what, god forbid, Tony Blair did (you may remember the man who won Labour 3 elections).

When not engaging in illegal wars Blair charmed, cajoled and threatened the press to bring them on his side.

It is not an abandonment of principles, it is called politics. Be a politician. You can’t get everything you want. You have to compromise to make progress. Stop making a new politics. Just get better at the old one!

3. Leave NATO

Dearest Jeremy would like to leave NATO. He acknowledges that there is no appetite in the UK for that to happen but if he got his way, he would.

In my humble opinion this is dereliction of duty. The first role of the government should be to provide safety to its citizens. However there are a lot of leading thinkers who think actually NATO causes more problems than it solves. Things like offering membership to former soviet countries etc.

I can see that. However my issue with the idea of leaving NATO is that it is a betrayal to the countries that actually depend on it for their security. Estonia, for instance, relies upon NATO heavily for its security. To just leave the alliance would be unfair on the smaller countries that signed up in good faith to joining.

4. The left does not have a monopoly on compassion.

There is a tendency with the far left to put forward the view that only they have ability to show compassion. They then argue from the point of view of moral superiority. Only they have the ability to empathise, to put themselves in the shoes of the hard up.

This is usually followed by the whole ‘the reason you don’t agree with me is because you haven’t understood what I am saying argument’,

Apart from being condescending and annoying beyond belief it is a line of reasoning that reduces arguments to a series of anecdotes about who has the bigger heart. It prevents logical analysis of facts and ultimately hurts the worse off because the wrong decisions get made.

I am not simply blaming Corbyn for this, but as the leader of the ‘If you only had a heart brigade’ he gets my wrath.

5. He can’t win an election.

I like living in a country where we have democracy. We have the ability to remove the government and bring in a different one. We have a two party system. I know there are more parties but there is no chance of a government forming without either Labour or the Tories being part of it.

Labour under Corbyn is not electable. That means the government won’t change and that means that the current government can do whatever it wants because the opposition is not credible.

There are many many things that the Conservatives need to be held accountable for. Having a Labour led Corbyn makes it harder for that to happen.

6. He wants to print money and give it to people.

Just fetch my history book and look up hyperinflation. Actually just get a dictionary and look up idiotic.

The reason why QE hasn’t already led to hyperinflation is because it remains in the banking sector. The debt is still technically held by the treasury and the Bank of England can withdraw the money it so that it doesn’t create inflationary pressure.

Print money and give it to people… really?

*I dont just mean Jeremy Cobyn the man. I mean Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

One thought on “Why I hate Jeremy Corbyn- My Confession

  1. Doesnt make sense.

    ‘I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. Not as a bloke. Not as a human being. But as the leader of the opposition.’

    This means that you do not like him as a man or as a human.

    I dont know what the fourth sentence means.

    ‘I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. I don’t mean that I don’t like him as a bloke – or as a human being – but that I don’t like him as the leader of the opposition.’


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